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The Button Club : The Fall of Rome Imperial Ball :
Event:The Fall of Rome Imperial Ball
Date:Friday 25th June 2010 Event

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The Fall of Rome Imperial Ball - The Button Club’s Summer Party

The Fall of Rome is a celebration of ancient Rome. The guests dressed as centurions, gladiators, Emperors and Empresses are treated to an ancient Roman feast, fun and festivities.

The Empire has fallen into the hands of barbarians. Brave Romans have taken solace in Dulwicheum Capitoleum for one last time. They indulge in the pleasures of love and life, feast on the nectars of mother Earth and forget about the worries of what is to become of them when the new day dawns. The Fall of Rome is a night to be decadent, daring and greedy!

8pm - 9.30pm Welcome drinks accompanied by harps and flutes.
9pm - 11pm Lavish feast in Roman style of spit roast, grill, sides and salads, cheeses and delicatessen, fruits, chocolates and sweets, accompanied by Roman wine.
Pleasurable activities on 3 terraces, 4 bars, gazebos and gardens.
DJs, musicians, fire dancers, living statues, temple dancers and gladiators.
Chariots at 5am.

Tickets: £65
VIP Tables: £950 for 10 guests, including 1 bottle of champagne and vodka with mixers


The Empress Livia Drvsilla Augusta aka Kaja Wunder - Most powerful woman in the Roman Empire. A beautiful yet manipulative ruler.

The Empress Flavia Titiana Augusta aka Hofit Golan - The Roman Senate gave Flavia Titiana the honorary title of Augusta. A beautiful and powerful ruler.

The Emperor Tiberius Claudius Nero aka Ibi Issolah - Tiberius was one of Ancient Rome's greatest generals, whose campaigns in Pannonia, Illyricum, Rhaetia and Germania laid the foundations for the northern frontier. He is the proprietor of Dulwicheum Capitoleum.

Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Caligula aka Richard Austin Rees - There are few surviving sources on Caligula's reign, and although he is described as a noble and moderate ruler during the first two years of his rule, after this the sources focus upon his cruelty, extravagance and perversity.

Dress Code: Julius Caesar, Gladiators, colorful courtesans in long, flowing dresses, lashings of gold jewelery and sandals, toga, fancy dress. Come as Gods and Goddesses, Egyptians, Greeks, slaves, savages, pagans, clerics, poets, painters, sculptors, eunuchs or barbarians. Whatever inspires you!

If you are not coming in a costume, our Imperial couturier will wrap you in one of his luxurious togas.

How to get there

A Red Double Decker Chariot will take you there from Sloane Square and also bring you back at night. It is an open top red route master London bus. Bus leaves at 7.30PM from the front of Sloane Square Station. It is going to be a warm evening, so a ride in open air will be fantastic! The bus will take us back in the end of the party as well. Bus tickets are £8 per journey, paid to the conductor please.

Please e-mail if you would like to take a bus to the party.

Beauberry House

Belair Park
1 Gallery Road, Dulwich, London SE21 7AB

Alternatively please take a train to West Dulwich

By Car
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