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The Button Club : Easybourse - Interview

What is the specificity of your website compared with other virtual netwroks?

The Button Club is both a virtual and non-virtual network, the Internet being used as a tool to organise events and gatherings as well as connect members on-line.

Networking has become more and more popular recently, how do you explain this boom?

Social barriers have been broken down by the internet and ease of communication in an environment where people don't have to reveal their true identity means they lose their inhibitions.

Are there any particular rules to be respected as a member of The Button Club?

We expect members to be polite and friendly to each other and as long as people are decent there are no "rules".

Do you feel competition for other virtual networks?

We are very niche, we're not an overly materialistic network, we don't use people's contacts as currency and we're firmly based on entertainment and providing real life experiences, so not really because we don't care much about the competition.

Any advice to develop a good network on your website?

Don't expect too much too soon, ultimately what is your network about, have you thought about it from the point of view of the customer. The Best marketing is always viral, nothing has changed there...